Our Future

Originally posted on Friday, 9 November 2012

I am particularly proud of this one for some reason.  I wrote this in my head as I was sat in traffic and saw three youths turn a corner, walk towards and past me, and couldn’t help thinking about what made them tick.

Our future

Three baseball caps
Three north face jackets
Jeans half hanging off
In pockets, fag packets

The three of them menacing
Without saying a thing
Their very appearance
Has a familiar ring

They’re bound to be trouble,
Let’s just presume shall we
Because of their clothes
That they’re from a bad family

That they’ve no strong role model
That they’re the future dole queue
And not that they may
Just have nothing to do

That they may just be kids
Learning all about life
Looking for an identity
And not looking for strife

They’re 14 or 15
That difficult age
There’s No funding for youth clubs
So the streets are their stage

The fashion may not be
What we used to wear
And we may roll our eyes
And say “god cut your hair”

But when I was that age
I stood out from the crowd
A Morrissey quiff
Doc Martins, dead proud

My mates were all scallies
All trackies and brands
But the one thing we all had
Was time on our hands

The majority of my crowd
Have turned out alright
We never went out
And looked for a fight

We were just hanging out
Spending time with each other
Looking out for your mates
Like they were your brothers

No north face jackets
No caps were we wearing
But were we so different
From all the bad we are hearing?

About the kids of today
And of how they’re all bad
They’re not you know, really
And it’s driving me mad

Lets give the majority
An easier time
They’re childhood’s no different
To yours was or mine

The media love
To have someone to berate
These kids are our future
Lets not fill them with hate

Toward the establishment
Toward our generation
Give our children a chance
They will soon lead our Nation


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